once there was a girl who saw a boy because the boy saw her.
in her mind, she was a princess and he became her king in a secret kingdom of love,
and magic,
and realness.

once there was a secret out to the world that turned royalty into ruins.
in his mind, he was in doubt for he wasn’t sure she could love anything, since love was so foreign for her,
and unusual,
and merciless.

once there was a mistake that hurt and cut because life took wrong turns.
in their minds, they ran in circles, going through mazes hidden in the walls of a castle,
and a lover,
and a home.

once there was a turn and a red sign that led them back to each other at the right moment.
in its mind, a certainty that couldn’t second guess
nor miss,

just change.

— once he got it wrong; once she knew how to love him.